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Заповедник "Столбы", г.Красноярск. Поход состоялся 24.11.2018 г. Условный трек: https://nakarte.me/#m=10/55.75185/37.61856&l=O&nktl=cYszAEAQ2gw3hW0RhtdWfw
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The russian girl went hiking but alone and met the night in the winter forest of Siberia.
0:35 "There are a lot of people in the central Pillars, at last I broke away from them, I walk quietly, enjoy the winter silence ..." - The author is a pronounced introvert, that is, a person who prefers to be lonely, therefore the professions of freelancers, writers, travelers, Librarians, foresters.
1:38-I hate snow. All romantics love flying snow, warm weather. I can’t stand it anyway. I already have mascara flowed, all of my holiday camping make-up. In short, the snow just pisses me off.
2:23-I’ve got to the Forbidden Territory sign, but I have a pass and I’m not threatened. And a large fine is imposed without a pass.
3:00Wow! The horror, this view does not please me, as I imagine how much I still have to go, and it is already getting dark in the mountains.
5:00-Fall through the knee-deep snow and do not understand whether it is a trail or not.
5:58-Here they are, the Royal Gate.
6:50Now I will drink tea quickly and go, the time is already about 4.30, it will soon be getting dark.
8:00-Here it is "Savage" (rock)
8:49- Now I will stop looking at "The Savage" and go back. Of course, it's a cool rock. In the summer I will come here and climb up. It will be cool.
9:00-Reached the "Fortress" (rock), found a sign.
9:30-That went to a sign on the city, it remains to go about 10 kilometers.
10:26- “Finally, I went out to civilization, here already somehow quieter,” said the girl. (The inscription on the tablet: “Watch out, bears!”)

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